Miracle of Istighfar

Al-Ghazali said, "Al-Ghaffar is the Essence of the beautiful and stepped over the bad, and the sin which includes a number of evils which he covered with the curtain closing on it in the world, and not punish Hereafter." Al-Khattabi said, "Al-Ghaffar is the Essence of the continuous endless forgives the sins of Its servants.

The Virtue Of Istighfar
Appropriate human temperament, would not be free from wrong and sin. Among the enemy is the devil. And other human enemies are lust. And that is the world and its deceptions and keglamouran. Sayings seek forgiveness not only by mouth, But by heart. Istighfar, which is not accompanied by a sin to leave the repentance of the liars.

Istighfar Of The Believers
Should not ask for forgiveness for the polytheists, and that it is specifically for believers. Described in Q.S. Maryam: 47, Al-Qasas: 56, At-Tauba: 80,84,113,114.

What Salaf Says About Istighfar
Sahl said, "The beginning is istijabah (answering the call of God) is deeds of the body, Inabah (returning to God) is the heart deeds, and repentance is a return to the gods." Satan said, "I'm destroying our children and grandchildren Adam with their sins and seek forgiveness, and perish me with la ilaha illallah".

Wordings Of Istighfar
Some of the wording Istighfar that comes from the Prophet Muhammad in a saheeh hadeeth,
"O My God, forgive me and give me your forgiveness. Lo Thou the most repentance Forgiver, Most Merciful."
"I beg pardon of God and repent to It."
"I beg pardon of God that there is no god but It. The Ones Life and The Constant Care of Its servant. "

Condition And The Recommended Time Istighfar
1. When finished perform worship
Intended to patch up mistakes and omissions that occurred while performing worship.
2. Istighfar the end of the night
God granted the prayer at that time, giving who ask, and forgive those who pleaded for mercy.
3. At the closing assembly
4. Ask forgiveness for those who died

Istighfar Of The Angels
Angel always celebrate by night and day. Angels seek forgiveness is asked forgiveness to God Almighty for so that It forgive Its servants and forgive their sins.

Istighfar Of Prophet Muhammad SAW
"Verily my heart (sometimes) forget, and indeed, I say seek forgiveness a hundred times a day." (Narrated by Muslim)

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