Employment Opportunities In Indonesia

• Understanding Opportunity
Employment problem is a problem faced by all countries in the world. With the availability of employment opportunities, means that the state provides the opportunity for citizens to obtain disposable income to make ends meet.
Thus, the employment opportunities available to communities to economic activities become a source of income to make ends meet. Employment opportunities available in all types of economic activities, such as agriculture, mining, industry, trade and services sector. Employment opportunities are also available at government agencies and private institutions.
Judging from the structure of employment, employment opportunities can be interpreted as a situation that describes the availability of jobs (employment) to be filled by job seekers. Employment opportunities can also be interpreted as the demand for labor. Now try you look at why many citizens of Indonesia who became migrant workers, one of which is employment in our country low. The business world is no longer able to absorb the jump in labor force from year to year continue to increase. Means equal opportunity employer with a job that is available in the world of work. Employment information, or also through advertising in newspapers or magazines.
An employment sector that will absorb the labor force. Increased employment in the industrial sector did not affect significantly kenyerapan employment in other sectors. Effects are only fluctuations. Employment remains the largest agricultural sector, this is largely due to the Indonesian population living in rural and largely agrarian sector still choose as their livelihood.
In addition, employment can increase national income. If the job opportunity is wide open, many people who work, then the national income will increase. Increasing national income will be accompanied by increased investment and by itself will open up new employment opportunities.

• Provision of employment opportunities
Employment opportunities related to the economic sector to absorb labor. For Indonesia the number of big labor and the low productivity levels, investment is highly necessary labor intensive. This can be done if we want to reduce the level of unemployment and socio-economic disparities. Some government efforts in providing employment opportunities, including:
a. Development activities in all sectors, with the orientation on the development of labor-intensive nature.
b. Conduct equal opportunity employment, by establishing economic activities (companies) in areas throughout the country.
c. Sending of Indonesian workers abroad.

• Loss of employment opportunities
If we observe the terms of employment opportunities we can provide a definition of loss of employment opportunities. The loss of employment opportunities occur if the conditions for labor demand decreases or the conditions under which the economy of a country is unable to provide employment for the community. Loss of employment is influenced by several factors. These factors are:
a. Population
Population growth is not accompanied by good economic growth will result in the industries could not absorb labor. The inability of industry to absorb labor is the loss of employment opportunities.
b. Innovative technologies
The new technology will replace human labor to machine labor. New technologies in the production process to encourage firms to produce goods murah.efek cost of using new technologies is the number of workers who are not absorbed in the production process, so the discovery of new technologies will lead to loss of employment opportunities.
c. The low quality of labor
In developing countries, usually the quality of its labor force is relatively low. Labor in developing countries is still dominated by workers who are not educated and not trained. The lack of quality manpower will encourage the loss of employment opportunities.
d. Economic conditions
Perkonomian a stable condition, brightest will increase investment. Increased investment means adding new employment opportunities. Instead, economic conditions are unstable or crisis, will lead to investment and reduced employment opportunities.

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